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  • Intro:

    The Minister of transport Malaysia was established to develop efficient , safe and effective transport system and service towards the enhancement of multi modalism and competitiveness.

    Domestic Shipping License:

    The applicants should fulfill the conditions as follows:-

    – For an individual or sole-proprietor, he or she must to be a Malaysian citizen.

    – The corporation is incorporated in Malaysia/ the majority of the direction of the corporations are Malaysian citizens/ the majority of the shareholding including the voting shares of the corporation,


    The application of DSL can be make either manually or thru the internet services (eDSL) when the company and vessels us registered to the MOT. The following documents should be prepared for the registration:

    I.      Application Letter

    II.      Certified True Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association

    III.      Certified True Copy of Form 24 and 49 under Company Act 1965

    IV.      Photocopied Identity Card (for individual applicant only)

    The qualified application will be acknowledged to make a payment due to the calculation formula as table below:

    Malaysia Register Vessel The license charges are RM50 for the first 50NRT and RM0.10 for each following NRT of the vessel.
    Foreign Registered Vessel The license charge are RM200 for the first 50NRT and RM0.40 for the each following NRT of the vessel.

  • 簡介:




    – 申请人或獨資者必須是馬來西亞公民。

    – 該公司在馬來西亞營運/大多數公司董事為馬來西亞公民/擁有多數股權,包括表决權。








    馬來西亞註冊船隻 第一次50NRT徵收RM50許可證收費和RM0.10于接下來每凈噸以下的船隻。
    外國註冊船隻 第一次50NRT徵收RM200許可證收費和RM0.40于接下來每凈噸以下的船隻。