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The Marine Department is responsible for the formulation of policies, planing, research, and coordination in respect of maritime matters including ports development, shipping industry, licensing of domestic shipping, seamen affairs and safety navigation within the country.

There are few divisions are separated under the marine department which generally functioned as following:-

A. Industrial Control Division

1. Plan Approval

All vessels to be register under KM Class (Kapal Malaysia) should be constructing depend on the marine department approved plans. The ship plan should be summit for the approval before every construction. The load line plan will be provided by the marine department when the plans are approved

2. Vessel Survey and Registration

When the new vessel is partially constructed, it can be register follow the following steps:

Step 1: Tonnage Survey

The ship-owner can apply for the tonnage survey upon completion of the Vessel closing space. The application can be making by summit the application letter and survey form 2 (can download from to the regional marine office. The marine surveyor will be arranging to survey and measure the tonnage.

Step 2: Registration of Vessel

When the tonnage is approved, the registration can be do by present the proper documents as followings to the registry department:

i. Form Declaration of Ownership and Nationality

ii. Form Appointment/Cancellation of Any Authorized Officer

iii. Form Appointment/Cancellation/Change of Ship Manager

iv. Form Application to Register A Ship

v. Builder Certificate

iv. Certified Company form 1, 9, 24, 49, M&A

vi. Certified Company form 1, 9, 24, 49, M&A

vii. Approved Ship Name Certificate

viii. Approved Ship Official Number & Call Sign (Motor vessel only)

ix. Approved Tonnage Certificate/Notified letter

x. G.A. Plan (For Interim Registry)

The Interim (6 month) copy of Certificate of Malaysia Ship Registry will be issue to the ship owner after register.

Step 3: Carving and Marking and Ship Safety Equipment Survey

Carving and marking survey are doing when the draft, official number, net tonnage, load line, ship name and port of registry are carved and marked onto the hull. The vessel to be doing after the vessel is registered.

For the crews carrying vessel, the safety equipment should be install onboard as the safety plan. The confirming the installation of the equipments, the safety Equipments Survey should be doing when the installation of the equipments are complete.

Both the survey application can be doing by summit the Survey Form 2 and cover letter to the marine department. The load-line Certificate and Safety Equipment Certificate will be issuing to the ship owner if the vessel is meet the qualification.

Step 4: Permanent Certificate of Malaysian Ship Registry

After the vessel’s is launched, ship-owner can apply for the permanent Certificate of Malaysia Ship Registry by present the proper documents as following:

i. Application Letter.

ii. Stability information booklet.

iii. Safety plan.

iv. Photocopied Tonnage Certificate

v. Photocopied Load-line Certificate

vi. Photocopied Safety Equipment Certificate

3. Annual or Special Survey

Every vessel registered under KM Class is request for the annual survey in four years continually and the special survey in fifth year. The survey application can be making by summit the Survey Form 2 and the cover letter. The annual/Special surveys Form 2 and the cover letter. The annual/special surveys are both survey on the validation and condition of safety equipments and the ship hull. Ship owner have to ensure all the safety equipments is serviced before the inspection is carry out. The special survey is including the bottom plate survey, where the vessel is requested to be survey on dry lock.

4. Boat License

To get the boat license, the ship owners have to present the proper documents as following to the regional marine officer:

i. Form of ‘Application for Boat License’

ii. b. Builder certificate

iii. c. The ship plan (General Arrangement, Line plan)

The regional marine office will arrange for the surveillance before the license is issue for the ship owner.


The Division is to ensure that Malaysia ships are always safety manned by trained and competent personnel. They also ensure that all officers and crew serving on board possess the necessary certificates and/or documents in conformance the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952.

The division generally acts to:

1. Administrate and conduct of certificate of competency examinations

The personal who had attended the competency courses have to participate in the examination under conduction of marine department authorized examiner. The personal is compulsory to pass the exam before the certificates of competency is issue.

2. Recognition of certificates of competency (COC)

The personal which had attended the competency courses and passing in the examination will be providing with the original COC. For the foreign crew whom worked as the officer, master, or engineer, they cam apply for the OCR by summit the application form, JL/HEPP/B/03 (can be download at and the relevant documents as following:

i. 2 copy photos

ii. Certified copies of valid passport

iii. Certified applicant COC including STCW endorsement

iv. Other Certified certificates

3. Ensuring the Safe Manning of Malaysia Ships

Every vessel that holding the manning certificate has to ensure their crews is fulling the quantity and quality as list in the safe manning certificate. The marine department have a right to stop the vessel from continue sailing before their crews are fullfill the requirement as listed in the Safe Manning Certificate

4. Seafarers Welfare

All crew working on board have to summit the medical report from the panel doctor of marine department during the application or renewal of the seaman certificates. For them who have sight problem, or any injury at body part (depend to doctor advising) are not qualified to become a seaman.

5. Issuance of documents to seaman as following:

i. Ship Exemption Certificates

ii. Basic Safety Training Certificate

iii. Proficiency in survival craft

iv. Watch keeping Certificates

v. Seamen Discharge Book

vi. Seamen Card


The safety navigation division is functioned to;

i. Coordination Maritime Search and Rescue Operation within the Malaysian area

ii. Providing and coordinating medical evacuation of injured seamen from ship to shore detection of overdue vessel

iii. Investigation of report regarding safety of navigation

iv. Coordinating and assisting in salvage operation

v. Providing technical information on safety of navigation

vi. Coordinating of operation to combat oil spill

vii. Receiving/promulgating navigational warnings

viii. Receiving vessel’s position report

ix. Promotion of safety at sea

The Ship master or the ship owner is available to contact with the nearest Maritime Rescue Sub-Center (MRSC) for the maritime rescue when distressing on Malaysia Territorial Water. The contact list for all MRSC can be referring at safety navigation page on

In accordance to maritime accident a compulsory report must be made to the nearest MRSC Station or Police Station. The following information should be report to the department

i. Date, Time and Accident Location

ii. Full name of the decease or missing person

iii. Vessel name and registration number involve in the accident

iv. Owner’s or operator’s name and address

v. Type and cause of accident